GIPS en el mundo

Status adopción de GIPS standars en el mundo

La tendencia a nivel internacional, es que la certificación GIPS está siendo cada vez más popular en el mundo. Existen muchos clientes institucionales que no aceptan ofertas de managers que no sean GIPS.

"We see increasing numbers of firms keen to claim compliance with the GIPS standards in particular, because ir satisfies the transparency and consistency demanded by institutional clients in the RFP."

Gianluca Orderda, CFA
Head of Multi Assets and Total Return Team
Pictet Asset Mgmt SA
Geneva, Switzerland

"Compliance with the GIPS standards is always to be encouraged. It produces reliable and comparable performance information and indicates those firms with rigorous internal controls."

Brian Henderson
Principal, Mercer
Edinburgh, Scotland

"Knowing a firm is GIPS compliant and verified helps give us confidence in their performance numbers and their adherence to best practice in their processes."

Trevor Persaud
Practice Leader, Russell Investments

"The GIPS standards have given my fund extra assurance that performance is being calculated using industry best practices."

Lynn Hoover, CPA
Director, Investment Performance, STRS Ohio
Columbus, Ohio, USA